Steps to kick start and boost your earnings from micro jobs

Discussion in 'Internet Tunneling' started by jeepcy, Aug 11, 2017.

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    Hello Lodge.
    First of all, these is in response to a lodger that requested i should assist him with a US/ UK based microworker account. Please the bellow steps might be of assistance to you or any one else, thanks.

    ;himm; As much as i can tell, microjobs are little errand jobs that are used to fetch spare cash. among which my acceptable top 5 list are,,,, amazom mechanical turk then the rest

    Why you might mostly need a foreign microjob account?

    Now, with microworkers
    After that, you would need a fake name generator service to generate a name and address of the foreign country of your choice. [these mostly applies to most micro job sites in exception of microworker because of mailed pin validation" will explain this lastly"]
    Then you you also need a free US/UK or foreign number which you can freely get online for verifying your account phone number from any of the bellow sites. simply go to the site, pick a country number of your choice, insert it into the sms verification field on the site you wish to verify, and wait for your confirmation pin/message to show online, then copy and paste.
    Upon successful registration and account verification, you can then start working or completing mini task online and getting paid for it. which you can choose to withdraw to your online wallet upon reaching the minimum withdrawal threshold.
    And its all similar to rapidworkers[ which doesn't require mailing of withdrawal pin:hrt: ]
    Same with JOBBOY [majorly provides US task, which might be completed, switching your VPN location to US]
    And MiniJobZ
    Now Back to the issue of Withdrawal Pin being mailed to you address location for microworker [NB. areas such a US|UK|CA do mostly have their withdrawal pins being mailed faaster provided their residential address is valid]
    And that should be about that

    One good thing about microjob sites, is that, you can use them to generate traffic for your PPA, PPS, PPD, PPL affiliate program,.
    PPA- pay per action
    PPS- Pay Per Signup
    PPD-pay per download
    PPL-Pay per lead ie per sale, per call, per survey, per useful action that result use of atm card
    so for starters without cash, what you simple do is, complete some task on the microjob site and get paid for it, once youve gotten some reasonable balance in your account, you quickly register for one of those high paying affiliate sites, that easily accept newbies. once your account is ready and approved, you then log in and start promoting sites, and product that cuts across your niche , by simple heading back to your microjob site and creating new campaigns/ tasks that cuts around the product or service, you are promoting, eg signup. surveys, sweepstakers, coupons, phone number submission, app testing, etc.
    and thats how those that provide microjobs, make their money.

    FINALLY. if you do love to fund any of your online account. and probably they do not accept credit card transaction, or you local debit card does not work or is not activated for full online transaction [pre- authorization ] , and probably you do not have an online wallet, eg paypal, skrills, bitcoin, neteller, etc, and even if you do, its not funded. the what you simply do is this
    NoteB. if you are giving any task that requires filling in your credit card details please do use a free valid online credit card generator such as , etc
    and if you must use you real credit card, ie if the online card fails, then make sure you rarely or don,t even usually fund such card account, ie if it is pre-authorized for online transaction.

    :whisper: If you do love to download the crack version, or full free and premium version of any new or old movies, games, music, tv shows, anything you can think of, then visit any of the links below, and search for it, ask for it, request for it. and immediately it would be made available to you if its not presently on the site.
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