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Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by dave Donald, Feb 7, 2017.

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    Good day to you all,
    I bring u good news guys and this is no scam, this is for serious minded people.
    Am here to share with you guys something that will blow your mind about bitcoin, we all know the current price of one Btc is at 1009$ that is amazing right, but come to think of it why do Nigeria's merchant that deal on Btc or anyone that buy or sell, get or give it at a low price of 450/500$ (buying/selling) does that make any sense, its only in Nigeria u get such low rate, but am here with good news for you all, we are here to buy ur btc coin at a more affordable rate, am sure many would want to know why, the reason is very simple we are gathering lot of Btc for trade on cypto currency so at the moment we don't sell we only acquire because we use it for trading and we make a lot from it, we are not greedy that is why we wanna sell at a good price, so guys here is what we offer, 1btc @670$ but its strictly for those that want to sell 200$ and above, but any thing below 200$ we buy at 620$ is that not a good offer, we don't buy below 100$, reason because like i said earlier on we need serious minded people and as much btc, many will call it scam but all it take is for a trial and u will see how happy u will be, life is a risk, u can also buy from others at a cheap price and sell to us and we give u good rates, that will b good business for u right, so if u know of anyone that wanna sell his or her btc Kindly message me on WhatsApp so we discuss 08158173269.
    NOTE: if you want us to send you cash first before you send Btc don't bother contacting us, we deal with serious people.
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    The river keeps flowing.
    Follow these steps to start fetching bitcoin
    from BTCRiver:
    1. Register and login to your BTCriver
    2. On your dashboard, click on DEPOSIT.
    3. Copy the bitcoin address displayed on the
    deposit page.
    4. Login to your bitcoin wallet (Blockchain or
    any other wallet)
    5. Send bitcoin ($) to the bitcoin address you
    You can withdraw your bitcoin to your wallet
    every day!
    150% TOTAL RETURN IN 5 DAYS (100% capital
    + 50% interest)
    Status: Paying✅
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    ➡30% each day for 5 days
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    Join now while its still early!
    Whatsapp nos: +2348063545789.. I have 2nd withdrawal. Thank God I met Btcriver. You can try with just $5 or over, If you have got paid, please give me feedback.

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    Is it possible actually?

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