Ponzi success formula-the only way to be happy in the ponzi world.

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Talk/Discussions' started by mattywealth, May 7, 2017.

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    I have seen a lot of people laugh out loud in happiness and Joy while others cry out in disappointment and extreme bitterness. So, it's truly a mix of both in abundance but just like in every other thing, there's more to it than many are able to see & there are some little things that one can do that will make all the difference.

    Here's the Trick:

    You can't be a millionaire through ponzi by investing and Reinvesting, you are doomed to lose everything soon.

    We all know that all ponzi are heading to the same end... One deep end, but the gain from ponzi is just too good to let go.
    The worst part of it is that there is no warning bell to sound and it happens in less time than we need to calculate.

    Here's how you can make gain from Ponzi Schemes..

    Break down of my 2 cents of advice.

    1. If you have an investment in Ponzi schemes, don't put more and more into the site. YOU WILL BE TEMPTED TO, BUT just be disciplined and don't do it.

    2. Once you cash out, don't put everything back into the scheme because it paid the first time. This does not mean it will not do so again but it's not the way to make progress here.

    3. Lastly, each time you cash out, ACQUIRE AN Asset with money from your Ponzi Investments!
    Yes, this is the most important thing I learned about ponzi schemes. The assets you acquire when you are still earning from Ponzi schemes will keep you happy and going even when things go wrong.

    Even if it's a small Television [which is not an asset anyway], you will always remember where the money came from when your favorite club scores a winning goal and you happen to be seeing the match with the TV.

    In summary,

    Keep that in mind and query yourself always... What have I been able to achieve with MMM money or GHW money? Because the answers to these questions will put smile on your face when they eventually disappear because Nwanne, e no dey last 4eva. Lols, don't feel angry, nothing does anyway, not me and you either.

    It's still an advice and one I encourage you to follow but the ultimate decision lies in the hands of U... I trust you will make a good one.

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