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    Finally, the world most transparent mutual donation system is going to be launched on Saturday 11th 2017.
    Here is all about the system.
    There is no referral in the system.
    Payment confirmation is done in Facebook group...the group link is only visible to registered users in other to have only serious people. Also it is transparent based on the fact that you can see who is paying and who gets paid. Track to know whether they are affiliated to the system or not. You see what is going on behind the scenes.
    Different payment method. PayPal, SKRILL, perfectmoney, bitcoin, neteller. It is international not just for Nigerians. Also it will help the system move forward as everyday of the week. Merging and payment goes on. No bank hassle problem.
    International administration system. It is internationally managed. An admin from Canada, U. S, Nigeria, Germany.
    The system is built for longer period of time. Please if you are a hit and run person. Do not join.
    They site rules are. (1) Donate (2) get paid. (3) recycle.
    Only $20 to join.
    The site is
    It is going to be launched on Saturday by 4pm. Rush now and register. Fill the donation form and wait for Saturdays merging list.
    Join the Facebook group in your account area and chat with fellow participants. Do not spam the room. Else you will be deleted.
    Got questions? The have a live chat support on they website.
    Bestie is here for real.

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