Make $250-$1500 weekly from home

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    reach me for more info on +2347064931387 (Only serious people please.)

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    Thany you

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    This is *Supercashpay where u register with a one time out of Pocket fee of #500* and get *2 downlines from Spillover* who pays u *#500* each and ur journey Begins
    *why join supercashpay?*
    => it is simple
    => reliable
    => cheap
    => affordable
    => tested and trusted

    *This is the plan*

    *At level 1*....u register and *Purchase position* 4 *N500* to upgrade to level 1
    u get *#500* from 2 people *(N1,000)* and u will upgrade to level 2 with *N600*

    *At level 2....*

    4 people will pay u *N600* each to upgrade to level 2, making a total of *N2400* and u will upgrade to level 3 with *N1800*

    *At level 3....*

    8 people will pay u *N1,800* each to upgrade to level 3, making a total of *N14,400*, u will upgrade with *N7200* to level 4

    *At level 4.....*

    16 people will pay u *N7200* each to upgrade to level 4, totalling *N115,200*...u will upgrade to level 5 with the sum of *N60,000*

    *At level 5.....*

    *32* people will pay u the sum of *N60,000* each to upgrade to level 5, totalling *N1.92m*...u will upgrade with the sum of *N600,000* to level 6

    *At level 6.....*

    *64* people will pay u the sum of *N600,000* each, totalling *N38.4million* ..u will upgrade with the sum of *N1.2m* to the last level (level 7)

    *At level 7.....*

    which is the last... *128* people will be merged to pay u the sum of *N1.2m* totalling *N153.6million*

    This is where the whole matrix ends...

    *Benefits of joining us*

    We use one Team Link to encouraged *Spillover and Teamwork*

    *Keep Sharing the Room link*

    => An average person can afford *N500*

    This is achievable together


    *T* _OGETHER_
    *E* _VERYBODY_
    *A* _CHIEVES_
    *M* _MORE_

    This system is actually open to different payment routers, since we are in Nigeria, we are harnessing the opportunity through the use of Naira our currency

    *Congratulations* to everyone here bcoz we are potential achievers. And as achievers we must imbibe the following traits in other to make the most out of this opportunity


    I state this 3 wings emphatically coz they are what we need to thrive in this journey
    *Supercash is a 2x7 forced matrix networking biz* that u only register with *#500* and gain a whole lot along in the journey, we want to create a balance where everyone here earns so *Spilling over* is what we work with here so overtaking will not affect another

    Now, when u registered, Admin here does not have the power to whom u will pay but the *Supercash Admins, for Fairness* we will keep sharing the group link so *Spilling ovec. serves everyone *whether u refers 2 or not* but the Best is to keep sharing the link to keep us all growing fast *Team work*..

    join now

    Join the global whatsapp chat group at

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