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    When Bitcoin (the pioneer cryptocurrency) was created in 2009, its value was less than a cent (about $0.001) to 1 bitcoin (btc), today it is worth over $2300 to 1 btc. When TheBullionCoin (tbc) started in March 2016 it was also less than a cent (started with $0.001) to 1 tbc. Today it is worth over $7000 to 1 tbc. The same goes for Litecoin, ethereum, Ripple and many other coins. These coins' values are skyrocketing on a daily basis and will continue to skyrocket going by analysts prediction.

    Did you miss out in Bitcoin and TheBullionCoin Windfall Boom though still on and you wished you had been one of those that took advantage of the opportunity at the early stage?

    Here is another Opportunity to Position yourself in yet another Ground Breaking Brand New Cryptocurrency Opportunity that has a Huge Earning Potential for you to Reap from. The Cryptocurrency Business is Currently Booming and you don't want to miss out on this.

    Welcome to the world of CCBM - Crypto Currency Bank MLM. It is the World's First and Largest Cryptocurrency Bank in the World owned by Hong Kong Billionaire with Registered Office at International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road West Kowloon, Hong Kong.

    It is currently in Pre-launch mode and the count down to Official Launch is on. Join Now to Position Yourself at this Ground Breaking opportunity before its Full Launch.

    Register to Get $50 Free CCBM Cryptocurrency!

    Earn $10 Per Direct Referrals!

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    Time sensitive - Offer Ends after Pre-Launch!

    Over 2 Million Potential CCBM Matrix Positions!

    Potential of Over 4 Million in CCBM CryptoCurrency!

    All Earnings Will Be Disbursed On Official Launch!

    Bitcoin & Other Currencies ACCEPTED!

    And Many Other Benefits!

    Over 70,000 Signups within the first week of Pre-Launch!

    You have nothing to lose - Registration is FREE!

    Make sure "Presented by Benjamin Olie" is at the top of the page before registering after clicking the link below.


    If you did not recieve email after registration or if the next page did not load after clicking Register Button upon filling the registration form due to technical problem, try Login with the Username and Password you used to take register.

    If you are able to login then the registration was successful. Look for your referral link, copy it and send to your contacts and family members for them to register under you.

    Hurry while the Offer Last!

    If you need any assistance email me at or call +234 706 727 4303.

    Looking forward to seeing you at the backoffice of CCBM.

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