how to turn whatsappp to a search engine

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    How To Turn Whatsapp Into A Search Engine

    WhatsApp is one of the biggest chatting
    application accessible and I figure larger part of us
    don't much recollect when last you sent SMS to
    somebody in light of the fact that WhatsApp is
    forever there for you. There are some astonishing
    things you can do with WhatsApp aside of chatting and giggling your butt out. Do you realize that, you can utilize WhatsApp as
    smaller search engine to search anything inside
    WhatsApp? Yea! You can in simple steps. A crew from India made a WhatsApp bot which
    permits users to search anything and it will answer
    you in a flash. Football lovers are truly going to love this since it
    gives you live upgrade of football matches.

    This is the manner by which it works
    ==>First of all add Whatsapp bot called wikibot to
    your contact list
    ==>Create another whatsapp group and add
    wikibot to the group. Number: +918148911230
    ==>Open the recently made group and simply
    message hi and you'll get your answer. To search down something, simply type wiki and
    the name of what you need to search down. E.g
    wiki nicki minaj, wiki eminem wiki physics[IMG]
    That is the means by which it works. On the off
    chance that we have Wikipedia, then we should
    without a doubt have wikiWhatsApp...
    How about that? lol

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