How to send Self-destructing mails on Gmail

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    Hello friends very often we come with a need to mail someone, and sometimes we think if this mail could be self destructive i.e get deleted automatically after certain time. This feature is already supported by a number of social sites like Telegram through it's secrete chat feature. But a bad thing is it's not supported by Gmail officially, Yet we can enjoy this feature on Google chrome by installing a plugin. Yeah it's a very easy and short method.

    OK then lets download the plugin named mxHero from Chrome.
    Now install it on your chrome browser after which you will need to restart your browser and open Gmail in a new and fresh window.
    Now onward while composing a new message, an additional button will appear next to the send button.
    By clicking on it, you can select one or more of the desired features:
    1. Send self-destructing emails where the contents disappear 5 minutes after reading
    2. Send private emails to multiple addresses, so that nobody will see the other recipients
    3. Track clicks on any link or attachment within the message
    4. Send the email later at a specified time 5. Set a reply timeout, so that you get reminded of an unanswered email
    Or Just click the default Send button without any of these features. The last feature still works in this case, you just need to find the message in your sent folder, and set a reminder in the same way.
    Note:- You can even try a number of other plugins like Snapmail or Dmail.

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