How I made 2800 USD just in a Month using UR money

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by trustdee, Apr 12, 2017.

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    I started UR last year October 2016 when it launched first. After sign up I got my first 2000 UR money. worth around less than 1 USD then.

    I kept inviting others to the UR web App, Right now I have around 500,000 URmoney worth 1237.91 USD just by inviting others to the UR money app.


    Note: UR Money is at the rate of 205 satoshis right now. Imagine if the rate goes up to maybe 1000 satoshi, what will I have in my wallet.

    Now, you might be asking. How do I use UR money? Just like any other cryptocurrency, you can instantly exchange UR money to Bitcoin using Cryptopia. ( Crytopia is a website that exchanges major cryptocurrency to another cryptocurrency )

    Once you exchange your UR money to Bitcoin .. You can then sell it or keep growing it. ( I recommend you keep growing your UR money instead of rushing to exchange it to Bitcoin )

    How do I start, First you must be invited? Use this link to start Click on signup and fill your information.

    Upload any of this ID card. Voters card, National ID or School ID. ( Note this secret: to get verified fast . snap yourself holding your ID CARD using a clear good camera . ) Verification takes less than 1 hour.

    Once you are verified, you will receive your first 2000UR worth 5USD.

    Finally, start inviting as many as you can using your referral link.

    I bet you if you follow everything I said .. you will be smiling at how your money is growing. The reason I said so is this, When you invite A and A invite B you get the bonus for B and if B invites C you get the bonus for C and so on.

    Be the first .....

    To Exchange, UR use this website:

    To calculate the value of UR against other currency use:

    If you have any question ask @trustdee or ask the group @cryptoland

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