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Discussion in 'Bitcoin Talk/Discussions' started by Moffo, Jul 16, 2017.

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    Good Day readers, today i bring to you good news as the best alternative to all other ponzi schemes (Walletfortune) was lunched few ago.

    If you've been following up my blog you would have stumbled upon a post or two where i talked about Walletfortune, but for the sake of the new comers i'll just drop a few things you must know about Walletfortune

    Wallet fortune is a revolutionary peer to peer donation platform launched today 28/03/2017
    Her objective is to turn the financial situation of her participants around through member to member donation with significant benefits on donation

    Walletfortune offers you
    ✔ 100% (Naira)
    ✔ 120% (Bitcoin)
    of your donation in 30days. Yes, just 30days.

    P.S- Recently, a lot of broadcast has been going around stating that Walletfortune is a scam which is totally not true, this is just a means the enemies of Ponzi have devised to bring down Walletfortune since they know they can't bypass the security measures of the platform.

    Now let me break everything down for those that won't understand the big big grammar on the site

    1. After visiting the site and you click on Sign up you'll be required to fill in your correct details with a working mobile number because a verification code will be sent to you number before your registration can be completed.
    Note: If you have DnD(Do Not Disturb) activated on your sim you would be required to deactivate it or you won't get the verification code.


    DND simply means DO NOT DISTURB

    This means that if you are currently on DND, you might not receive SMS from third-party which WALLETFORTUNE is inclusive. While this is a very welcome development due to the abuse of the third-party bulk SMS services, it also has its down-side.

    When your phone number is on DND, you will no longer receive notification from all of your services that sends notification SMS using third-party SMS services, as such we would advice all participants to Unsubscribe from DND so as to receive SMS notification from WALLETFORTUNE

    To unsubscribe from 'Do Not Disturb' (DND):

    For MTN Lines Text STOP to 2442 and after 5 Minutes Text ALLOW to 2442.

    For AIRTEL lines Text STOP to 2442 and after 5 Minutes Text OUT to 2442.

    For GLO Lines Text STOP to 2442 and after 5 Minutes Text CANCEL to 2442.

    For ETISALAT LinesText STOP to 2442 and after 5 Minutes Text START to 2442.

    2. After your registration has been successful, you will be required to SF(Sow Fortune) in not more than 3 days or you stand a chance of getting your account blocked automatically on the 3rd day.

    3. A participant will be matched immediately to pay 10% of his/her SF amount and such pledge cannot be cancelled immediately created, this is a security measure that was brought in to kick out fake participants

    Note: You can also be matched immediately or in some hours to pay the remaining 90% this is to ensure that you are not a fraudster or scammer and as such no participant should create a SF when he/she does not have the cash at hand, the 10% & 90% SF goes to other participants who're eligible to reap.Your 30 days starts counting from the moment you SF
    4. 20% Recommitment: This is another strategy to checkmate Greedy Reapers, some persons might want to sow #100,000 & reap #200,000 in 30 days & off they go but In Wallet fortune you can't take everything, you must keep 20% of your total profit, assuming you sowed #100,000 & to reap #200,000, what you're actually going to reap #160,000, the balance of #40,000 is your money.
    It remains in your WAFO wallet, this balance will be added to your next (new) SF.

    5. In wallet fortune you are not allowed to Sow (SF) less than your first SF. For instance, if you sowed #100,000 in your first transaction, you're expected to maintain this 100k in subsequent sowing or you increase it, decreasing isn't allowed.

    6. Time extension/I have paid button: The Reaper cannot click on the Extend time button except the Sower seeks the extension by clicking on the button from his/her end, so when the Sower clicks the extend time button at his end, it activates the Reaper's active time button then its left for the Reaper to accept or decline, In a situation where the Reaper decides not to extend he can allow the time elapse and the system will automatically match him with another participant.

    P.S- You are not expected to click on any of the above buttons more than once, if it has been clicked once, it becomes deactivated because the message has been sent to the receiver and at that point the receiver has to confirm or ignore if he doesn't receive the said payment

    All these are to make WalletFortune the best Crowd funding platform

    Enjoy this and many more on WalletFortune by registering here

    If you still have any pending question in mind, do not hesitate to contact me on 08130020757

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    This is *Supercashpay where u register with a one time out of Pocket fee of #500* and get *2 downlines from Spillover* who pays u *#500* each and ur journey Begins
    *why join supercashpay?*
    => it is simple
    => reliable
    => cheap
    => affordable
    => tested and trusted

    *This is the plan*

    *At level 1*....u register and *Purchase position* 4 *N500* to upgrade to level 1
    u get *#500* from 2 people *(N1,000)* and u will upgrade to level 2 with *N600*

    *At level 2....*

    4 people will pay u *N600* each to upgrade to level 2, making a total of *N2400* and u will upgrade to level 3 with *N1800*

    *At level 3....*

    8 people will pay u *N1,800* each to upgrade to level 3, making a total of *N14,400*, u will upgrade with *N7200* to level 4

    *At level 4.....*

    16 people will pay u *N7200* each to upgrade to level 4, totalling *N115,200*...u will upgrade to level 5 with the sum of *N60,000*

    *At level 5.....*

    *32* people will pay u the sum of *N60,000* each to upgrade to level 5, totalling *N1.92m*...u will upgrade with the sum of *N600,000* to level 6

    *At level 6.....*

    *64* people will pay u the sum of *N600,000* each, totalling *N38.4million* ..u will upgrade with the sum of *N1.2m* to the last level (level 7)

    *At level 7.....*

    which is the last... *128* people will be merged to pay u the sum of *N1.2m* totalling *N153.6million*

    This is where the whole matrix ends...

    *Benefits of joining us*

    We use one Team Link to encouraged *Spillover and Teamwork*

    *Keep Sharing the Room link*

    => An average person can afford *N500*

    This is achievable together


    *T* _OGETHER_
    *E* _VERYBODY_
    *A* _CHIEVES_
    *M* _MORE_

    This system is actually open to different payment routers, since we are in Nigeria, we are harnessing the opportunity through the use of Naira our currency

    *Congratulations* to everyone here bcoz we are potential achievers. And as achievers we must imbibe the following traits in other to make the most out of this opportunity


    I state this 3 wings emphatically coz they are what we need to thrive in this journey
    *Supercash is a 2x7 forced matrix networking biz* that u only register with *#500* and gain a whole lot along in the journey, we want to create a balance where everyone here earns so *Spilling over* is what we work with here so overtaking will not affect another

    Now, when u registered, Admin here does not have the power to whom u will pay but the *Supercash Admins, for Fairness* we will keep sharing the group link so *Spilling ovec. serves everyone *whether u refers 2 or not* but the Best is to keep sharing the link to keep us all growing fast *Team work*..

    join now

    Join the global whatsapp chat group at

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