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iPhones have some of the best cameras you can find on a smartphone. The iPhone camera not only captures absolutely stunning photos but it also often outperforms stand alone digital cameras. It’s no surprise that iPhone users take a ton of photos or that the App Store has a dedicated category for photography related apps. Live Focus is a brand new iOS app available in the App Store for $1.99 and it is absolutely amazing. The app lets you capture photos and readjust the focus afterwards. Your phone must be running iOS 9 and above to use the app.

Install Live Focus and allow it access to your camera and photos. Point it at an object you want to photograph and hold the object in focus for as long as the app says. It’s not more than a few seconds. You will notice the object going...
When you increase or decrease the volume on Widows 10, or mute/unmute your speakers, an on screen display alerts you to the change in volume. It appears at the top left of the screen and stays on the screen for a minimum of five seconds. The alert appears on top of everything else you have open and because it’s a system alert and part of the OS, there isn’t much you can do about it. It can’t be repositioned, it can’t be disabled, and it can’t be sent to the back of all active windows. If you don’t like it though you have a few options to make it less annoying such as using Volume Step Adjuster. It’s a free Windows app that lets you adjust the incremental values by which the volume increases and decreases but it also hides the on screen display you get when you change the volume....
When you install a new extension in Chrome, the extension’s icon is added to the far right of the toolbar just before the hamburger icon. Likewise, if you sync extensions across multiple Chrome installations, or enable a disabled extension, the icons are added to the far right in the same order that they’re added or synced. Other than enabling/disabling extensions, you have little control over when and where an icon is added. This is problematic because the difference in how the extensions are ordered on one Chrome installation compared to the other will often force you to look a little more closely at the icons before you click. As of a recent update to Chrome, this problem is easy to solve. Chrome now lets you reorder the extension icons on the toolbar simply by dragging & dropping...
What Can 6600(40$) do for you Indeed,

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all… Lol) Well, as you can see, N6,600 can do

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Today I will be showing you how you can get 7GB for just 700 to rock at the weekends, you can download, stream, surf with it as you like. This is not a tweak but just applying a bit of knowledge.There are 3 more on other networks which I’ll share with you later on but not now, So visit us often to be the first to see these updates.

The package only exists on Airtel Network. Well, Airtel called it weekend plan but to me, it has gone beyond weekend plan.
Airtel weekend plan can simply be accumulated the way you want to be use when the time is ripe. This is how I got my own 7GB every weekend.

Airtel only allow you to subscribe once per day, which means that you can only get 1GB per day

>>The gigs can be accumulated till weekend.
>>The more you subscribe the more the expiry date...
It's easy to forget the password on your Galaxy S5. Many solutions require a hard factory reset to reset the password, which would delete all the files on the smartphone. Here is an easy way to reset the password without losing any data.

Workable with other Samsung Galaxy Phones:
Galaxy Note3, Galaxy Note4, Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy Note5, Galaxy Note II;
Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Active, Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy S4 LET-A, Galaxy S5 Duos

Not new to many users,but for those that don't know it today
am going to teach them how to make free call with your
etisalat sim every day, Note that this free call works
only on easy cliq users only
dial *244*1# to migrate
to easy cliq now.


1. You must have one mtn sim and one etisalat sim,
Note; Make sure your etisalat is not 090

2. You must have two mobile phones

3. Insert the etisalat sim in one of the phone and
mtn sim in the second phone

4. Make sure you have 100naira in your MTN sim
to make Night call or you can use MTN Biz plan
for 0.0kobo Night call


By 12;30am in the...
All USB ports are not created equal. USB might have become a universally accepted standard of connecting peripherals to your system but all USB ports found on your system aren’t the same. Some are built to do things others aren’t for example; you might have noticed that your phone charges faster when you connect it to a certain USB port and slower when you use a different one. While the slow charge might have to do with a problematic data cable, it might also be that you’re connecting your phone to a slow charging USB port. What you need to do is connect it to the one specifically built to charge a device. Here’s how you can identify the USB 3.0 and USB charging port on your system.

Look for the following symbols next to the USB port you want to connect a device to;

You might...
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Jumia mobile week is a week set aside by Jumia to offer mobile phones and mobile accessories for sale at the cheapest possible prices. This week only comes once in 12 months which means if you want to get any smartphone at a way cheaper price Jumia mobile week is the only period you can get it.The last mobile week was tagged Jumia mobile week Megathon and it took place between June 1st to June 7th 2015, But this year mobile week is tagged Jumia mobile week Reloaded and it will start on the 31st of May to June 6th 2016.
Jumia mobile week is associated with 3 unique slash goodies
1 • It is a period when mobile brands put up newly released smartphones up for sale at a friendly price on Jumia
==> Below are the list of the new Smartphones to go on sale during jumia mobile week Reloaded...
We live in a time where you can point your phone at text and have it translated to a language you can understand. There’s an app called PhotoMath that lets you point your iPhone at an algebraic equation in your text book and the app will solve it and then we have Mathpix. It’s a free iOS app that can solve hand written math problems. It can solve equations and plot them on a graph and can solve both simple problems and algebraic ones.

Install Mathpix and allow it to access your camera. In the app’s built-in camera view finder, resize the white box to fit around the equation you want solved. The app will capture that part and then analyse it for mathematical symbols....